Bed Mattress Sizes

Basic bed sizes for all mattresses are standard in width and length of the bed.  The most popular beds are twin, full queen and king sizes.  Stick to the most popular sizes so you can readily find sheets, comforters, bedspreads and accessories that properly fit your mattress.

When considering a mattress size, think about your own personal sleeping habits and body size.  A taller person would need an 80" long mattress.  Look at the room where the bed will go and determine if it will fit.  Take the size of the mattress you choose and add a minimum 30" to each direction for proper fit and walking room.

Common Mattress Size Dimensions for the United States

Twin Size Mattress - 38" wide x 75" long

Full Size Mattress - 53" wide x 75" long

Queen Size Mattress - 60" wide x 80" long

King Size Mattress - 78" wide x 80" long

California King Size Mattress - 72" wide x 84" long

XL Twin Size Mattress - 38" wide x 80" long

A split king size mattress is (2) XL Twin mattresses put side by side.