Bed Pillow Types

Pillows are very simple items, composed of a cover, an edge treatment, and a filling.

A bed pillow is a personal item like no other on the bed.  It has to fit your own personal likings, you are going to sleep on it for 1/3 of the day, so find one that gives you the most comfort and relaxation.  Replace your bed pillow on a regular basis, a medium priced pillow sells for less than dinner in a nice restaurant.

The cover (ticking) is what you see, it can be printed with a design or solid color.  Most pillows on the market are solid white or a light color print design, done so as to not show color through your pillowcase.  I use a minimum 180 thread count 100% cotton tick for my choice of pillows.

An edge treatment of a pillow has little bearing on performance.  Three basic finishes are available.  The most common is made on an automatic sewing machine and called simulated cord, composed of a tightly stitched edge threads.  Another common edge is composed of a corded treatment, self fabric wrapped around a tiny cord and inserted into the sides of the bed pillow.  My favorite edge is not as common, called a knife edge, basically a simulated edge that is turned inside the pillow that you do not see the threads.

Fillings are either synthetic or natural fills, buy based on your personal preferences.  The better grade of filling you purchase, the longer your pillow will last.  My personal preference is for a soft natural down filling, but my wife prefers two pillows with a synthetic fill that is extra firm.