How to keep fitted sheets on the bed

The easiest way to keep you fitted sheets on the bed is to switch to Bed Tite sheets from

Bed Tite sheets are not your ordinary bed sheets.  Designed and developed to do more for you.  Not only a comfortable feel,  but an extraordinary fit and finish.  Bed Tite sheets fit securely for a better night’s sleep, no more waking up in the middle of the night with a sheet corner popped off over your head.  Are you tired of having to put your sheets back on your bed every morning, then Bed Tite was made for you.  Would you like tight fitting sheets, then Bed Tite was designed for you.  Is it important to you to make your bed quickly after the sheets are washed, then Bed Tite is here, always know which end is up.  (Bed Tite is our patented product)

Not only a benefit of fit, but finish.  Bed Tite is offered in an assortment of different high qualitys.  From 300 Thread count long staple cotton to 800 Thread count Cotton Rich fabrics.  Bed Tite color palette offers the latest in color design trends.  We not only sell you the sheet, but we also design and make all types of bedding products.  Our expertise spans decades of manufacturing to bring you products that represent value and unique ability’s that no other retailer can match.


Bed Tite sheets have been tested to securely fit all types of mattresses, including Sealy, Serta, Air Adjustable, Memory Foam, Latex, thin and thick mattresses.