Mattress Pad Types

Mattress Pad Guide

Mattress pads are the same dimensions as the bed sizes and are one of the most important components of a well-dressed bed.  The simple mattress pad protects the top of your mattress from accidental spills and body oils that go through your sheets.  If you want to keep a clean mattress, by all means cover it with a mattress pad, you can't wash your mattress, but you can wash your mattress pad. Types of Mattress Pads:

Flat Pad - A pad that lays on top of your mattress secured to the top only by your sheet.

Anchor Band Pad - A flat pad with anchor bands sewn on each corner, the anchor bands keep the pad from shifting during sleep movement.

Fitted Pad - A flat pad with a skirt sew on.  The skirt helps hold the pad secure on your mattress, reducing shifting during sleep movement

Wrap Pad - A one piece fully quilted pad, seamless construction.  The sides are quilted just as the top of the pad.  Goes on like a fitted sheet.  One of the most functional pads available on the market.

Waterproof Pad - Typically a fitted style with a waterproof layer attached to the quilted top.  Good for bed protection from spills or accidents.