Natural Fills

There are many types of natural fillings for bedding products.  The allure of all natural filling has been increasing over the last few years with more product choices showing up on the market. The most prevalent natural filling is a byproduct of ducks.  Available in whole feathers, 95%feathers and 5%down, 100%down and a few different percentage blends in both white and gray color.  The whole feathers offer firm support, while the down offers softness and warmth.  Duck filling is found in comforters, bed pillows and featherbeds.  Make sure the covering is of top quality or the duck filling will leak and you will have feathers in your bed.  Natural down filling is measured in fill power with 550 being the standard quality.

Goose feathers and down are the next most popular.  Less feathers are available in goose, so the price is much higher, although the quality far superior.  The finest variety comes from Europe.  My Hungarian white goose bed pillow is 15 years old and still performs.  (note: you can fluff your natural pillows in the dryer on low for renewed performance)

Cotton filling is found in quilted ticks, pillows and mattress pads.  I have not seen it anywhere else.  A natural cotton filled mattress pad on your bed is of the finest quality, cool and comfortable under your sheets.