What Is In A Bed Sheet Set

Bed sheets are mostly sold as sets to include, a top sheet, a bottom sheet and pillowcase(s).   The set matches, with all components made from the same material and color of fabric.


Flat Sheet or Top Sheet - This is the sheet that goes over you, but underneath you bed cover.  It helps keep you both warm and comfortable.

Fitted Sheet or Bottom Sheet - This is the sheet that goes over the mattress.  It is constructed to fit the mattress, the corners of a flat piece of material are cut out, sewn together and then the bottom of the sheet has a strip of elastic to hold the sheet on the mattress.  Bed Tite Bottom sheet is unique in construction; we developed a way to keep the sheet on your mattress all night long.

Pillow case-  A cover for your bed pillow.  One end is left open to slide yout pillow in.  Not only keeps your pillow clean, but makes it more comfortable.